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Product Description


Launched into the Nigerian market since 1990 Malta Guinness is adored by people across the nation for its great taste, finest quality ingredients, vitamins, iron and nutrients that provide real goodness. 

Malta Guinness is brewed with only the finest ingredients; Sucrose, Maize, Sorghum, Barley, Malt extract, Sorghum Malt, Caramel, Hops, water, several vitamins & minerals, etc. It remains the favourite Malt drink in Nigeria for Goodness, Energy & Vitality.
malta-guinness-can Malta Guinness also comes in 33cl can for on-the-go consumption moments.

Product Details

For those who desire a vibrant lifestyle, Malta Guinness is the brand of choice, full of life, full of nourishment.


Alcohol Units: N/A
ABV: 0% vol.
Pack Quantity: 24 X 330
Pack Measure: ML
Alcohol Type: Non-Alcoholic

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